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Award Ceremony for Furoshiki Design Contest Winners and Exhibition

On March19, the Embassy of Japan and Design Museum Holon held an Award Ceremony to the winners of design contest of Furoshiki , wrapping cloth in Japanese style at the Holon Mediatheque.
The ceremony also marked the opening of the exhibition, which would include the entries of the winners of the Furoshiki Design Contest (on display from March 19th to 26th).
Mr. Motti Sasson, Mayor of Holon, and Ambassador Sato, made their remarks in Hebrew, extending warm congratulations to winners for their beautiful works.
All the invitees enjoyed themselves in a very intimate and warm atmosphere throughout the ceremony and the reception After the ceremony, the winners of the contest, their families and their friends proudly enjoyed seeing the panels of works neatly displayed on the wall.
The exhibition will continued until March 26th at the Holon Mediatheque.

For more details about the winning design please check the links below.
Furoshiki Design Competition: Announcement of Winners and Exhibition
Mr. Motti Sasson, Mayor of Holon Ambassador Sato making his remarks
The Winners of the competition
  Grand prize winner Ms. Dikla Chen-Saar, Mr. Alon Sapan,
CEO of Holon Mediatheque,left