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Furoshiki Design Competition: Announcement of Winners and Exhibition

In 2011, The Japan Foundation in cooperation with the Embassy and Design Museum Holon in Israel held the Furoshiki Design Competition among future designers from both Japan and Israel.

Among 190 Furoshiki designs, Grand Prize Certificate winning design titled "Wing Flap" by Ms. Dikla Chen-Saar from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Israel;

Certificate of Excellence winning design titled "Tatami Mat and Candlesticks" by Mr.Shouta Kojima from Interior Design, Nagoya Mode Gakuen, Japan;

Tten other Certificates of Merit winners were chosen as follows.
Sharon Noded & Maayan-YakutSurdy
Yuya Nakamura
Neta Hagiladi
wang ze wen
Regina Kirshner
Anna Okada
Liya Naidich
Robert Sundelin
Yuval David
Kanae Takarabe

For more details, please check the websites below.

The first two prize-winning designs will be productized as original Furoshikis to commemorate
"The 60th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Israel and Japan".

On March19, the Embassy of Japan and Design Museum Holon will hold an Award Ceremony for the Furoshiki Competition
at the HolonMediatheque.
We will also have the Furoshiki winners' exhibition from March 19th to 26th at the same venue.
Grand Prize Certificate Certificate of Excellence