Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding the Novel Coronavirus (May 25, 2020)


▸Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding the Novel Coronavirus(→Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet



We must not be absorbed in addressing issues in our own country exclusively. I believe we cannot resolve this global issue from its roots through an inward-looking mindset. However, countries where infections are increasing have no such luxury. Many of the countries that have until now led the world’s political and economic realms are now fully occupied by their domestic responses. That is the reality. We must not under any circumstances relax our guard. Precisely because we are in such a moment, we will adhere firmly to the universal values of freedom, democracy, basic human rights, and the rule of law. And, Japan should, in a free and open manner, lead the world’s infectious diseases controls, working hand in hand with countries that share these values.


We intend to propose at the G7summit scheduled for next month the establishment of a patent pool that will enable developing countries to utilize pharmaceutical treatments and vaccines against this virus under a highly transparent international framework.


Regarding personal protective equipment, over the past several months we have been working to increase our domestic production. Building up a resilient supply chain in a globalized world, rather than relying on particular countries, is also an issue of vital importance. Making use of Japan’s experiences to date, we will demonstrate strong leadership as we create global measures against infectious diseases and a global order in the age of the coronavirus. That is Japan’s responsibility within the international community.