The 23rd ASEAN Plus Three (Japan-China-Republic of Korea) Summit Meeting (2020/11/14)


▸The 23rd ASEAN Plus Three (Japan-China-Republic of Korea) Summit Meeting (2020/11/14)(→Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan



1  Opening remarks
Following statements from Viet Nam as the Chair of ASEAN and the Republic of Korea (ROK), Prime Minister Suga stated the following.
(1) ...
(2) The progress of cooperation with ASEAN against COVID-19
i. ...
ii. Regarding medical cooperation, Japan will provide assistance worth more than 200 million USD in medical supplies and equipment as well as extending technical cooperation for medical research institutions and others.
iii. On the support to revitalize the economy, Japan has provided a total of approximately 2.5 billion USD worth of financial assistance loans to ASEAN countries. Under the Initiative on Overseas Loan and Investment for ASEAN, Japan has also expanded investments in the private sector, such as for quality infrastructure. ...
(3) Follow-up to the Joint Statement of the Special ASEAN Plus Three Summit i. In addition to the 300,000 US dollars donated collaboratively by Japan, China, and the ROK to the COVID-19 ASEAN Response Fund from the ASEAN Plus Three Cooperation Fund, Japan has decided to donate 1 million US dollars as an independent contribution. Japan hopes that these measures will further enhance ASEAN's ability to respond to infectious diseases.
《Reference》Initiative on Overseas Loan and Investment for ASEAN