23rd Japan-ASEAN Summit Meeting (2020/11/12)


▸23rd Japan-ASEAN Summit Meeting (2020/11/12)(→Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan



1  Opening Remarks
Following a statement by Prime Minister Phuc, Prime Minister Suga stated the following.
(1) ...
(2) Progress in Cooperation with ASEAN in the wake of COVID-19
•  I am delighted to be able to jointly announce the establishment of the ASEAN Centre for Public Health Emergencies and Emerging Diseases. Japan will spare no effort in helping the Centre develop into an institution that, as a hub for the region's fight against infectious diseases, will protect ASEAN's people from the threat these diseases pose. Japan hopes to work hand in hand with ASEAN countries and continue cooperating with them on an ongoing basis.
•  The "Japan-ASEAN Economic Resilience Action Plan" will provide support for businesses that are working to strengthen their supply chains and promote social change through the use of digital technology.
《Reference》Japan-ASEAN Economic Resilience Action Plan