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Japanese Drumming Troupe, Yamato, Stirs Israeli Audience

On May 24, Yamato, a Japanese drumming troupe, performed at the Hebrew University Amphitheater as part of the Israel Festival 2012.

The show successfully marked the opening of this year's Festival, which also highlighted the celebration of the
60th Anniversary of the Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Israel.

The powerful ensemble of Taiko (Japanese traditional drum) reverberated through the night sky of Jerusalem,
stirring the mass audience of over 1,000 with excitement. A spontaneous standing ovation became endless when the 12 talented artists deeply bowed their thanks at the closing of the night. Ambassador Hideo Sato, in his opening remarks, gave the audience a brief introduction to Japan's Taiko culture, noting that its sonorous beat is soothing to many Japanese, for it is the sound of Japan itself, resounding at Shinto rituals and festivals in every part of the nation.

Smiling, he expressed his true delight to be able to share Japan's first-class artists with an Israeli audience.
Yamato extended their performance tour on May 28 to Mediatheque Theater, Holon, where they were also received with hearty welcome and applause.

Ambassador Sato giving the opening remarks
    Yamato with Ambassador and Mrs. Sato and Mr. Yossi Tal-Gan, General & Program Director of the Israel Festival (center)