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Evening of Noh at the Ambassador's Residence

On June 20, Ambassador and Mrs. Sato hosted an Evening of Noh at their residence in commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Israel.

Noh, a classical theater of Japan, is an art of true authenticity and aesthetics expressed through unique vocalizations and extremely simplified yet abstract movements.
A special piece for the evening was performed by Sakurama Ujin and his group, Sakurama-kai of the esteemed Komparu School.
Coupled with the play was a special musical prelude performed by a unique combination of Biwa (Japanese lute) and viola da gamba, with music composed by Mr. Shunichi Tokura, one of Japan's leading composers, who honored the event with his presence.
Among the other guests were H.E. Ms. Eriko Yamatani, a member of the House of Councillors of Japan, H.E. Ambassador and Mrs. Iosiper of Romania, H.E. Ambassador and Mrs. Boon-long of the Kingdom of Thailand, all of whom enjoyed experiencing the long-inherited tradition of Japanese theater.
The night ended with a subsequent Japanese buffet and the traditional-style tea ceremony, which further added to the contentment of the guests.

Ambassador and Mrs. Sato with Sakurama-kai