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Japanese Government Research Student Scholarship Program 2014 - for Israeli Citizens


Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT) offers scholarships to international student who wish to study at Japanese universities as Japanese Government Scholarship student (Research Student).
Periods of Scholarship(depend on the courses a grantee takes in Japan):

1. 2 years from April 2014 – till March 2016
2. 1.5 years from October 2014 – till March 2016

Major Field of Study:

1. It must be subjects which applicants will be able to study and research
at Japanese universities(with some limitation: see Guideline)

2. Applicant should apply for the field of study he/she studied at the previous university or any related field.

3. Applicant must choose a field on which he/she can receive education and perform research at the university of his/her choice.

Qualifications: Please refer Guideline.

Deadline for submitting applications to the Embassy of Japan in Israel :

Friday, June 7, 2013.
Embassy of Japan in Israel.
The Museum Tower 19F, 4, Berkowitz St., Tel Aviv.

More details:
Please download the Guideline File (PDF file) and read carefully.

How to receive application forms & related documents:
The application forms are available at the Culture Section of the Embassy.
You can contact only by email to:

In your email please specify:

1. Full Name
2. Nationality (only Israeli passport + ID holders can apply)
3. Age (only who was born after April 2, 1979 can apply)
4. male/female
5. Name of University you graduated (at least Bachelor degree is required) + Grade(Bachelor, Master, etc.)
Only those who will be qualified will receive the documents via email.

Preparing Applications
Prepare 3 sets of documents and submit by hand by the prescribed deadline:
All required documents are to be fully and correctly completed.
All attached documents submitted will not be returned (Art portfolios will be returned upon request)
Official documents must be submitted in
In case your school does not issue some document in English,
you must submit an original document + a translation into English.

Selection Procedure:
All procedures will be handled by the 2013 Research Student Scholarship Selection Committee,
organized by the Embassy of Japan in Israel.

1. Document Screening: If you pass the first document screening (end of June 2013), you will be invited to written examinations (Japanese/English, July 2013) and an interview by the committee (July 2013).

2. Written examinations & Interview Japanese and English examinations.
One day for examinations + another day for interview, at the Embassy.

Qualifying Examinations for Applicants for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarships - Examinations examples:
Click on the following link to download the sample tests: (All PDF files)

The exact dates will be informed later only to applicants who will pass the document screening.

3. Selection of final candidates: After the interview, the committee will select the final candidates that will be recommended to the Ministry of Education in Japan (MEXT) (August 2013).

4. Obtaining pre-agreement from Japanese universities to be accepted: The final candidates will need to obtain an acceptance letter from a university of his/her choice in Japan (July-August 2013, with a special form given by the Embassy) and submit it to the Embassy (August 2013).

It will only be then, that MEXT will finalize the selection process and assign students to prospective universities.

Please Note: Contacting universities in Japan is allowed only to the final candidates.

Result: The final result from MEXT will be announced in December 2013.

Departure to Japan: In the first week of April 2014, or in the first week of October 2014.

Good Luck!