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Ambassador Sato making his remarks
    International Symposium on the Occasion of Sixty Years
of Diplomatic Relations
"Japan and Israel: Regional, Bilateral and Cultural Perspectives"

From May 7 through 9, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem hosted a special international symposium in commemoration
of the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Israel. With many renowned
experts and scholars joining from within and without the country, the 3-day symposium entailed an eclectic spectrum
of themes ranging from politics, economics, diplomacy, to literature, art, and language studies;
all relevant to the Japan-Israel bilateral context. Ambassador Hideo Sato, in his remarks at the opening ceremony, proudly
acknowledged the great achievements both countries had accomplished for the past 60 years in the academic and
cultural sectors, and commended the great dedication of the Israeli Japanologists who paved the long way thus far.
He also noted the significance of the symposium per se, the first ever of its kind to be held on such a large scale,
expressing his deep appreciation for all the efforts paid behind the scene to make it happen as a timely enterprise
to celebrate this festive year.

Professor Sara Stroumsa, Rector of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, echoed Ambassador Sato in her opening remarks,
also stressing the significance of this historical symposium. She noted that the 60th Anniversary is a point which calls for
a brief stop where people of both countries can look back in satisfaction, then chart the way ahead together.

Taking the opportunity of this commemorative event, the Israeli Association for Japanese Studies (IAJS) inaugurated yet
another achievement in the Japan-Israel academic arena. Ambassador Sato, congratulating this historical accomplishment, noted that it would be the second national academic association for Japanese studies in the Middle East after Turkey,
and that Japanese studies in Israel are now entering a new stage of development, just as both countries are now entering
into a new era of bilateral relations.

(All Photographs by Alina Imas)

Professor Stroumsa making her remarks Opening Exhibition
Panel Discussion Inauguration Ceremony of Israeli Association
for Japanese Studies
Opening Exhibition