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Ambassador and Mrs. Sato attended "Japan Evening"
at Tel Aviv University

Ambassador Sato giving his remarks

On June 13, 2013, Ambassador and Mrs. Sato attended the annual “Japan Evening” at Tel Aviv University. 

The Evening, originally started in 1997, has become a major platform for Israeli students of Japanese major to demonstrate accomplishments of their learning through each year. 
Ambassador Sato, who also studied at the university, made his remarks both in Japanese and Hebrew, encouraging the students to further their studies so that one day he would hopefully see some of them become Israeli diplomats to Japan just like himself on the other end. 

Amusement continued throughout the evening, with students’ performance of Japanese plays and singings.   
Remarks by Dr. Asaf Goldschmidt, Chair, Department of East Asian Studies  
A Japanese play "Kasa Jizo" performed by students Japanese play "The Mouse's Marriage" performed by students