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Embassy of Japan - Holidays 2019
Tel Aviv Office
1-3 Tuesday-Thursday New Year's Day (Japanese Holiday)
February 11 Monday National Foundation Day
April 9 Tueday Elections Day of the Knesset
April 19 Friday Eve of First Day of Pesach
April 25-26 Thursday-Friday Eve of Last Day of Pesach+Last Day of Pesach
May 8-9 Monday Independence Day Eve + Independence Day
July 15 Monday Marine Day
September 16 Monday Respect of the Aged Day
September 30 Monday Rosh Hashana
October 1 Tuesday Rosh Hashana
October 8-9 Tuesday-Wednesday Eve of Yom Kippur + Yom Kippur
October 14 Monday First Day of Succot
October 21 Monday Simchat Tora
October 22 Tueday Day of Enthronment Ceremony
December 30-31 Monday-Tuesday Year End Holiday