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Information for the persons living outside Japan who have been covered under the Japanese pension system
New Resident Registration System for Foreign Residents

Visitors to Miyagi, Fukushima, and Iwate prefectures (Requirements for visa fee waiver) (pdf file)
Application for Japanese passports of minors (March 2010)
Outline of New Immigration Procedures to Japan (April 2007)
Announcement for Israeli Citizens Visiting Japan (March 2007)
Announcement to the Visitors to Japan
(April 2005)
Visa Information  
A Guide to Japanese Visas
Visa Application Form to Enter Japan
Visa for Medical Stay

Israeli Travelers to Japan  
Israeli passport holders are not required to obtain a temporary visitor visa for a stay in Japan of up to 90 days. For further details please visit:  
Palestinian Travelers to Japan  
For further details please visit: